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We are a friendly group that, helps sufferers & carers of M.E & Fibromyalgia.


Our aims are to: encourage and support people in a positive way, through meeting regularly, share information and ways of coping and to raise public awareness. 

Julie Dent


I took over the running of the group back in 2009. I have been diagnosed with both M.E &  Fibromyalgia. The group is very special to me, it has helped me come to terms with  dealing with these conditions and the friends I have made along the way have helped me cope through the good times and the bad. Having support when you are ill, is the best medicine  of all.


The Swindon M.E & FM Support Group, does not advocate any particular approach and makes no claims for the treatments mentioned on the  website or at meetings.  we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of trying any of the therapies mentioned.

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