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The National Charity Action for M.E has a free regional advocacy, supporting adults (age 18 and over) living with M.E. in the Midlands and South West. It launched in April 2019.

This service is delivered through a combination of paid staff and volunteer advocates.

Advocacy is a process that helps individuals to stand up for their rights, and be empowered to have their views, wishes and needs included in decisions that affect them.

The service may be able to help you to access support, and help you understand your rights.The advocates can explain processes in an accessible way, and support you to challenge the opinions of others in situations that affect you, including (but not limited to):

  • accessing health and social care

  • with professionals you see because of M.E.

  • services appropriate to your needs

  • decisions related to housing

  • improving support in the workplace

  • accessing support in education

  • challenging discrimination

  • at home or in a care home.


The advocates cannot:

  • provide emotional support or legal advice

  • take on welfare benefit case work

  • make your decisions for you

  • offer advocacy outside of the South West and Midlands.

Accessing the service

If you are an adult with a diagnosis of M.E. living in the Midlands or South West and you are in need of advocacy support you can self-refer - to obtain a form,  go to or  phone them on 0117 927 9551. 

An advocate will contact you within seven working days to let you know how they can support you.

They can provide:

  • advocacy support primarily by telephone, email and video call to support you to create a plan of action in your situation, represent you by letter and email to professionals (with your direction) and offer you options and information to help you to make informed choices

  • support to help you to self-advocate so that you feel able to confidently ask for what you want and champion your views, wishes and needs with professionals and on decisions which affect you

  • some face to face support to those severely affected by M.E. and where there is a local advocate available.

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