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Learning to PACE yourself - the three 'P' s

We've all done it. On a good day we do too much and then we are laid up for days at a time recovering. But if we are to break this "BOOM and BUST" cycle we need to learn to PACE ourselves successfully everyday.   

To do this we need to: 


PRIORITISE - decide what needs doing, choose the most important or essential tasks. Remember this should NOT just be household chores, but nice things like social activities. 


PLAN - plan your daily/weekly activities, make sure they are varied and spread out. 

PACE yourself - break up activities and have short rests, stop before you do too much


Take control - Don't let the illness control you. Keep to a routine that works for you on good and bad days. 

Remember you won't master it straight away, we are only human, it will take time, but it will be worth it.   

GOOD LUCK         

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